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Russian Motorcycle Comparisons:

Various Manufacturers, Side Valve Models (1938 - Present):
1955 M72 Harley Davidson XA
Early Model BMW R71: 1938-1941
Tubular steel frame, 22hp 4-stroke horizontal twin, 746cc flathead sidevalve, shaft drive. 3458 units produced,replaced by R-75 in 1941.
IMZ/KMZ M72: 1941-1960
Direct copy of BMW R71; 24hp., est. 30,000 units built to 1950. Military production only to mid-1950's. Note "Bottlecap" wheel hubs on IMZ models.
Harley Davidson XA: 1942-1943
23hp., 1,011 est. units. Rare example of HD's flat twin army model and their only attempt at a flat twin since the 1920's W model.
Dnepr MT12 CJ 750
Early Model KMZ K750: 1959-1963
Introduced swingarm frame 1958, different cylinder head designs from M72. KMZ models with symmetrical wheel hubs.
Dnepr MT12 : 1977-1980 (?)
Last 746cc side-valve motor, 6v electrics. Full-time sidecar wheel drive with 70/30 output to rear and sidecar wheel respectively.
Chang Jiang CJ750: 1957-current
Copy of Russian M-72, 12v electrical alternator on later models. Chinese castings are less finished than Russian, Type 1 engine has oil dipstick at bottom of engine. No toolbox in tank.

Russian sidevalve heads


Additional Models:
1942-1943 TMZ 53- Russian 1000cc sidevalve HO twin, 28 h.p. at 4800 rpm. Based on the M-72 crankcase: gearbox, final drive, sidecar drive and frame modelled on BMW R75. 16" wheels using car tires, possibly several hundred produced. Only 1 known surviving model.

Side Valve Cylinder Head Patterns: M72 (left), Early K-750 (center), Later K-750 (right)

IMZ/Ural Overhead Valve Models :
Ural M52 Ural M62
IMZ M52: 1957-1960
494cc OHV, 24hp, M52K (1957-1958) 26hp, M52C (1957-1964)with 35hp., later with a swingarm frame as the M53.
IMZ M61: 1958-1963
649cc OHV, 28hp. Frame almost identicle to M72, slightly shorter rear plungers on some models.
IMZ M62: 1961-1965
649cc OHV. Redesigned frame and modified rear plungers; KMZ style rubber block seat mounts replace the earlier springs, rear saddle assembly mounted directly onto fender.
Ural M63

Ural M66

Ural M67
Ural IMZ M63: 1964-1971 (M63K and "Ural 2")
649cc OHV. Swingarm frame; various cosmetic changes including rubber tank band and mud flaps.
Ural IMZ M66: 1972-1975 ("Ural 3")
649cc OHV. 32hp. First Ural to use the paper oil filter cartridge, otherwise almost exact from M63.
Ural IMZ M67: 1973-1980+
649cc OHV. First Ural with 12 volt electrics; electric start and redesigned headlamp/ignition switch with seperate speedometer. Note 2 into 1 exhaust.
IMZ 8 Ural Retro


Additional Models:
under construction

Ural IMZ8: 1983-1990's (IMZ8-xxx-current)
649cc OHV. This is the basic machine carried on into the modern 650 solo and sidecar models with various cosmetic and design options.
Ural 750 : 2000-current
745cc OHV., 38.88 hp. ("Retro" model shown). Note the squared cylinder covers.

KMZ/Dnepr Overhead Valve Models :
Dnepr K650 Dnepr MT9 Dnepr MT10
KMZ K650 : (MT8) 1967-1972
649cc OHV., 32 hp. 1st KMZ OHV machine, released to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Socialist Revolution. Last KMZ with "crash" gearbox, introduced centrifugal oil cleaner and oil pressure warning switch.
Dnepr MT9: 1971-1976
649cc OHV., 32 hp. Introduced "Dneprglide" gearbox with automatic declutching and reverse gear, later models with square "breadbox" tank. Last OHV model with 6v electrics, K-301 carbs and interchangeable intake/exhaust valves.
Dnepr MT10 : 1974- mid 1980's
649cc OHV., 36 hp. New instrument console, introduced 12volt electrics, heavier brake and clutch levers.
Dnepr MT11 Dnepr MT16


Additional Models:
under construction

Dnepr MT11 : mid 1980's-1990's
649cc OHV., 36 hp. Lighter flywheel and larger bolts on final drive, most MT-11s came with bench seat. Late versions had new oil filter.
Dnepr MT16 : mid 1980's-1990's
649cc OHV., 36 hp.70/30 sidecar wheel drive, basically the same as MT-12 but with 650 OHV. Models came with either tractor saddles or bench seat.